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**Bioinformatic analysis of TAL effectors in the Xanthomonas oryzae - rice interaction**
Diseases caused by plant-pathogenic Xanthomonas bacteria are a serious threat for many important crop plants including rice. Efficiently protecting plants from these pathogens requires a deeper understanding of infection strategies. Such infection strategies depend on a special class of effector
proteins, termed transcription activator-like effectors (TALEs). Our approach PrediTALE predicts plant target genes of TALEs.
7. **Maximilian Konzack**, Datenbanken und Informationssysteme / iDiv
7. **Vaibhav Kasturia**, Big Data Analytics
**Entity-Based Query Interpretation**
We address the problem of entity-based query interpretation: given a keyword query, what accepted meanings can the query have with respect to potentially ambiguous contained entities. To tackle this problem, we separate three entity recognition problems: explicit entity recognition, implicit entity recognition and related entity recognition. Based on these problems, we define entity-based query interpretation and introduce a new corpus containing 2800 queries with explicit and implicit entities as well as with query interpretations. Using query segmentation, the possible meanings of a query are output based on the entities contained in the query.
8. **Maximilian Konzack**, Datenbanken und Informationssysteme / iDiv
**Information extraction from ecological publications**
Biodiversity datasets are increasingly deposited either as supplementary material in an article or in online repositories. As more and more scientific papers are digitally published, we face new challenges to find, access, integrate and reuse publications and their associated datasets. In this talk, I will talk about methodologies in which I employ text classification and geoparsing to tackle some of these problems.
8. **Name**, Arbeitsgruppe
Inhaltliche Kurzbeschreibung in 2-3 Sätzen, wenn möglich in Englisch.
9. **Name**, Arbeitsgruppe
Inhaltliche Kurzbeschreibung in 2-3 Sätzen, wenn möglich in Englisch.
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