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9. **Marcus Pöckelmann**, Informatik in den Geisteswissenschaften
**Collation and analysis of Hebrew text witnesses**
The Hebrew treatise Keter Shem Ṭov (“Crown of the Good Name”) composed in the 13th century is one of the most important introductory texts into the Kabbalah, testified by about 100 differing manuscripts. In our current project, an interdisciplinary team prepares a scholarly edition of this work with the aid of our tool LERA that has to be adopted for this task. The focus here is on the enormous number of text witnesses, which poses a challenge for both the underlying algorithms and the user interface of LERA.
10. **Name**, Arbeitsgruppe
Inhaltliche Kurzbeschreibung in 2-3 Sätzen, wenn möglich in Englisch.
10. **Ralf Rückert**, Datenstrukturen und effiziente Algorithmen
**Public transport optimization**
Public transportation faces rising passenger demands, but vehicle capacities do not grow at the same speed. Because of this, crowding becomes more and more frequent. In case of disturbances like train cancellations, or dispatching decisions, many passengers have to be rerouted. We present our current and previous efforts to improve dispatching decisions and passenger satisfaction by using a combination of simulation and optimization methods.
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